JBC Technologies: Delivering Innovative Die Cut Solutions

JBC Technologies: Delivering Innovative Die Cut Solutions

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Brad Patt, President, JBC TechnologiesBrad Patt, President
Although not widely visible to the average consumer, foam components are an integral part of many consumer and industrial products. They seal out air, water and chemicals. They prevent annoying buzz, squeaks and rattles. They dampen sound. They cushion sensitive components. In short, they help the larger, more expensive parts of the product function better.

Foam is an ideal solution to a lot of problems. But to be effective in those solutions, it must be customized to the size and shape needed for optimal performance. That’s where a versatile converter like JBC Technologies can make a big difference.

For the last 30 years JBC has put its engineering expertise to work transforming rolls of foam, insulation, adhesive tape, plastic film, and even metal foil, into custom die-cut parts that have helped thousands of manufacturers solve critical design challenges.

But while JBC Technologies is known for delivering high quality products, what really sets the company apart is the ability of the team to help customers solve problems and overcome design and efficiency challenges through product design, process execution, and materials expertise.

“We come up with solutions when others try and fail. Our company was founded by an engineer, and the problem-solving mentality has been here from the start. It is one of the key core values that drive who we are as an organization.,” said President, Brad Patt.

“Although we think and work like a big company, we have the agility and responsiveness of a nimble organization,” mentions Kate Gluck, VP, business development at JBC Technologies. “We look to solve problems. We can’t be satisfied by accepting that there isn’t an answer. We just haven’t thought of it yet.”

To enable this problem-solving culture JBC’s has put an operating structure in place that promotes creativity, while driving accountability. This system is built on three foundational pillars: supply chain optimization, manufacturing excellence, and engineering innovation.

JBC helps to optimize the entire supply chain by defining an inventory strategy for every single part based on the customer’s needs and expectations – up to and including handling vendor-managed inventory.

The second pillar of Manufacturing Excellence is not just about making high-quality parts efficiently and on time, it is about the entire continuous improvement framework that the company uses to foster its learning culture and reinforce standardization and accountability.

“Cost is always an issue and labor, especially now, is highly variable. It is essential that systems retain the learning, so that if operators leave the business, the skill set remains at the company,“ said Patt.

This same framework has served to promote an environment of engineering innovation that enables creativity within a structured process. This ensures that learning is documented and processes are standardized once a good solution is found.

“The key for us is that we have a structure that nurtures creativity, but can also contain it. It’s great to have engineers, but they need to be able to have a business mindset or there needs to be prioritization, accountability and good communication,” said Patt. “Our framework makes that happen.”

In one instance, an automotive manufacturer approached JBC Technologies with a unique challenge. The customer required an immediate solution that would eliminate vibration on a car that was in production. JBC suggested a temporary spacer option that would allow the lines to keep operating until a permanent redesign was ready. In 24 hours, JBC molded a spacer sample with their 3D printer, created foam prototype assemblies using acrylic foam tape that was in-house and verified the vibration elimination.

Such success stories stem from JBC Technologies’ commitment to realizing their client’s complex design challenges by breaking them into simple components, being prepared to capitalize on opportunities as they come in by having strategic material available, listening to the customer on what they need, preparing a solution to meet those requirements, and then executing on time and with perfect quality

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JBC Technologies

JBC Technologies

North Ridgeville, OH

Brad Patt, President

JBC technologies is a full service die cutter and fabricator that designs and develops custom-engineered foam components for various applications. The company has been serving automotive, HVAC, electrical, appliance, and industrial sector for over 30 years. Their experience allows them to develop solutions to a variety of problems associated with die cutting while many major players in the market fail. “Although we are a big company, we have the agility and responsiveness of a nimble organization,” mentions Kate Gluck, VP, business development, at JBC Technologies